Main fields of research

  • Development of economically viable Intelligent Automation Software services gathering real-time data about energy usage and exploiting such data for intelligent automation pursuing two main goals: minimise energy usage and cost and support the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) in optimising operation of the grid
  • Development and application of energy system and energy economic models on international, national, regional and urban level (greenhouse gas control strategies, importance of the different energy technologies, supply guarantee and trade relations, assessment of the energy and environmental policy instruments)
  • Creation of a fuzzy logic maintenance software library, i.e. design and creation of a special library for fuzzy mathematics realisation
  • Creation of fuzzy logic calculation modules i.e. designs of a central calculating module-solver based on fuzzy-library
  • Development of sustainable energy effective scenarios
  • Systematic of key parameters of energy efficiency of Belarus economy
  • Development of methodology and application tools for information-analytical support of state policy for increasing energy efficiency of Belarus economy
  • Creation of information-analytical data base for key parameters of energy efficiency on branches of Belarus economy

Laboratory staff

  • Sergey Plyta
  • Aleksey Plyta
  • Denis Balyka
  • Pavel Sokolov
  • Polina Anciferova
  • Irina Bulakh

Contuct with us

Head of the Laboratory Prof.Dr. hab Sergei Levchenko

Adress: Republic of Belarus, Minsk,
                        P. Brovki st., 15, 220072
Telefone: +375(17)284-15-15, +375(17)284-24-86
FAX: +375(17)292-25-13
Skype: sergei.levchenko