Laboratory of Energy efficiency and System Analysis

Laboratory for Energy Efficiency and Systems Analysis (created in Feb.2013) provides theoretical research in the fields of analysis and planning of sustainable energy systems development (on international, national, regional and urban level) using systems approach and modern methods of computer modeling of energy transformation processes including investigation of energy effective technologies like smart grids. The improvement of energy efficiency and the cutting of energy consumption gain increasing importance as long-term strategic objectives of national energy planning. The transition of the Republic of Belarus from a centrally planned to a market economy is associated with a variety of political, legal and structural changes in the energy sector as well as in the overall economy. This induces a variety of planning problems that have to be solved in the near future. Energy system analysis serves to assess complex energy system, consisting of inter-related energy flows and technologies, in comprehensive and systematic way. In context of planning and decision making the energy demand-supply analysis should provide projection of future energy requirements consistent with the overall economic and social development within a given set of policy assumptions. Staff of Lab has wide knowledge and experience working with internationally recognized software tools LEAP, WASP, BALANCE, MESSAGE and TIMES. We also develope cost-effective software of intelligent automation of data collection and processing and mathematical models (methods) and software library components of optimizing processes on fuzzy sets.

Laboratory staff

  • Sergey Plyta
  • Aleksey Plyta
  • Denis Balyka
  • Pavel Sokolov
  • Polina Anciferova
  • Irina Bulakh

Contuct with us

Head of the Laboratory Prof.Dr. hab Sergei Levchenko

Adress: Republic of Belarus, Minsk,
                        P. Brovki st., 15, 220072
Telefone: +375(17)284-15-15, +375(17)284-24-86
FAX: +375(17)292-25-13
Skype: sergei.levchenko