Expert system for building energy and technologies modeling and assessment [TechDom ©]

The improvement of energy efficiency and the cutting of energy consumption gain increasing importance as a long-term strategic objective of sustainable development of societies. It is a new era of energy consumption, in which efficiency is the main gate entering into sustainability. The energy available is finite and its price increases rapidly. Consequently, efficient management is now, more than ever, an utmost priority. For the European energy consumption, the usage of secondary energy in commercial buildings and households is of high importance. In accordance to the information from the European Environment Agency this energy consumption for these sectors are at a level of 1/3 of the total consumption in the EU. The Institute developed a computer platform to predict, analyse, forecast and optimize the energy consumption of buildings named TechDom ©. It allows in particular:
  • to develop a market oriented business model to implement the software system for smart building energy simulation;
  • to establish Energy Balance Aware Cloud Services for Smart Home/ Smart City Intelligent Management for a low carbon energy system.
  • The concept for the economic implementation via a cloud based or a flash based system, targeting energy audit associations or/and building material suppliers with considerable novelty to the industry sector in which it is presented (new products, processes), will a new option for the offer of energy optimisation services to SME and private households. The approach of TechDom © is the extension of the services to non-expert users in the field of SME’s and private households. The idea is that there is a huge potential of energy efficiency measures for this non –expert market, which has to be identified and mobilized. Therefore this mass market approach needs more easy to use and cost optimized solutions, than highly sophisticated solutions. This doesn’t imply that the predictions and simulations which are based on the existing TechDom © platform are inaccurate, but the input generation and the online data collection must have easier solutions, which will be offered with the strength of the fuzzy logic based decision support system (DSS) which targets mainly the mass market compatibility.


The technology permits:

  • to visualize and compute of huge volume of data (more then 100 billions of values in several formats) with high performance. Special computing methods are using to increase performance

  • to zoom data through computing zooming too far in deep

  • selective visualization of data by special statistics methods
The technological scheme creation, edition and modeling on big volume of real data in offline and online modes. A lot of properties for each scheme object are using.

The powerful build-in editor of objects permits the almost all modern existed editing features with wide area of applications:for car building technology and up to energy-economics analysis.

Laboratory staff

  • Sergey Plyta
  • Aleksey Plyta
  • Denis Balyka
  • Pavel Sokolov
  • Polina Anciferova
  • Irina Bulakh

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